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The Newton Family in Washington State 2003 - PRESENT

Lambert Newton Train

Underground Tour, Docks, Pike's Market, May 2007

Big Creek, Olympic NP, May 2007

Big Creek, Three Lakes, Olympic NP, June 21, 2006

Northwest Trek - June 16, 2006

Seascape #21 by Mark K. Hoffmann - 2006

Northwest Trek - 2006

Bill and Marilyn's Visit - 2006

Ft. Lewis Museum 2006

Flowers Graham House 2006

Flowers from Sandy Mar 2006

Olympia NP April 06 Irely Lake - Big Creek Trails

Olympia NP January 2006 Elwa Valley- Port Angeles

Olympia NP October-November 2005

September 2005 Pacific Beach and Olympia NP Part I

September 2005 Pacific Beach and Olympia NP Part II - mostly Quinault Rainforest

July 2005 Rainier - flowers and mountain

June 2005 Musings - flowers and baskets

Graham and Ft. Lewis Chapel- March 15 - 3 April -- and sunsets

Graham garden renovations and progress March 2005

September 2005 - Housing Development on Webster Rd E across from our house

Graham and Ft. Lewis Chapel

Fantasy Light and Christmas Day 2004

The last 1/4 mile to our house

Pacific Beach Resort, Ocean Shores and Aberdeen Timber Mill Sep 2004

Scenes during an early morning fog, the shed, pear, and roses

Mount Saint Helens Monument and Spirit Lake -August 2004

Some of our initial pictures of our house in Graham

November 5, 2003- Snow Days and changing the door, WA

October 30, 2003- A stroll on Kalaloch Beach, WA

S beautiful sunrise taken from North Fort Lewis, October 2003

October 2003 trip to NTC - northern California on return

Several Misc Pictures of Mt. Rainier

August 2003 from the Paradise to Panarama areas- 5,800 to 6900 feet

August 19, 2003- Ruby Beach and Olympic National Park