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Happy Father's Day

Newton and Allison Slides 1948-1968

Newton and Allison Slides 1948-1968

Woodlawn Driveway Jun 2007

Woodlawn Driveway June 2007

Gladys Moore's Funeral

Glaydy Moore's Funeral May 2007

Emily's Ceremony

Emily's Ceremony May 2007

Stacy's AA Graduation Ceremony

Stacy's Graduation May 2007

Kathleen's Master's Hooding Ceremony

Kathleen participated in the Inaugural Hooding Ceremony at Cal State Dominguez Hills, May 19, 2005

Whittier Links

Links to Whittier

The Allisons

The allison family

The Martins

A visit to Harbor City, Cinco de Mayo and Oceanside Beach July 2004

A visit to the pier and Oceanside Beach
Oceanside House Dec 1, 2010

A visit to CoCos

The Newtons

Sunshine Acres and Whittier

WEDDING August 17, 2002

WARNEMUENDER - ROSTOCK - WISMAR, "east" GERMANY - July 1999 Warnemuender Photos

The Newtons and the Martins - Disneyland Apr 99Disneyland

Photos by Mildred and Richard Newton 1950-1985 Many old family photos.


Dorothy Martin Graveside February 2006, Oceanside House, Downtown and Pier

"Oceanside" House Wall

Harbor City, The Puchriks, Cinco de Mayo Resturant, House at Oceanside and Oceanside, July 2004

"Oceanside" House Wall

Montana 1982

Whittier-Oceanside 1977

Oberursel 1976

England 1976 Reel 1

England 1976 Reel 2

England 1976 Reel 3

England 1976 Reel 4

Germany 1973


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