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Fort Irwin, Mojave Desert, Superior Valley, Inscription Canyon, Opal Mountain, Death Valley, etc.

Flowers by Jack Springs 22 Apr and Calico Area - Silver Bow and Sue Falls Mine, April 24, 2010

Calico Area - St. Louis and Sue Falls Mine approach areas, April 17, 2010

Calico Area - Silver Bow and St. Louis Mines April 15, 2010

Calico Area and Maps Mar 20, 2010

Black Mountain Petroglyph near Opal Mountain Feb 13, 2010

Jan 3. 2003 -Blackie

Jan 20, 2003 - Hill 720 approach, Fort Irwin
Jan 2003- Calico Mountains
January 25, 2003- Pictures of Irwin, Superior Valley, Inscription Canyon and the Whale petroglyphs
February 3, 2003- Black Canyon and Inscription Canyon. The first shots are of Inscription Canyon. The bird petroglyph is in the vacinity. While the rest of the shots are in Black Canyon and represent the old stage line and silver trade from the Paramint Mountains. The mine produced Fire Opal while the Tillman rock carvings were done in 1874.

January 31, 2003- Morango Valley, Barstow and Irwin Roads
February 17, 2003- Opal Mountain Area - Coyote Canyon petroglyphs, Fertility Cave petroglyphs and the sleeping circles
March 07, 2003- Opal Mountain - Black Canyon Area, Petroglyphs include Birdman, Spiderman, Opal Mine at Scouts Cove and the Spanish Pointer.
March 8, 2003- Desert Flowers near Daisy and Olympus Mines off Barstow Rd a few miles from main gate at Ft. Irwin, CA. March 8, 2003 March 16, 2003- Soldier and Flowers

March 27, 2003- Wild Flowers and the Olympus and Daisy Mines near Barstow Road.
April 7, 2003- Verbena behind house at Irwin
April 12, 2003- Inscription and Black Canyons - Desert Flowers
April 13, 2003- Inscription and Black Canyons - Desert Flowers
April 16, 2003- Desert Flowers
May 3, 2003- Desert Megaphone, Springs, Ludlow/Tidewater RR Grade and Desert Flowers
May 24, 2003- Tecopa Springs Memorial Park Dedication and Death Valley - Saragosa and Owlhead Springs
May 30, 2003- Superior Valley and Desert Flowers
July 24, 2003- Departing skies over Ft. Irwin