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Class of 2015 Best Photos

Looking over the Hot Springs area from the "Rattlesnake."

The Smokey Mountain Diner - a nice place to eat. Friendly people and lots of hikers.

The Wash Tub is the Laundromat next to the railroad tracks.

Downtown from the Iron Horse Inn.

Spring Creek Tavern. Spring Creek runs into the Hot Springs Spa and feeds warm mineral water at its confluence with the French Broad.

Bluff Mountain Outfitters is one of the great trail equipment stores. They also have organic food and could get you into good eating habits.

Hot Springs is one of a few towns where the trail runs through. They took it to heart and put the markers in the sidewalk.

Hikers can sit a spell in front of Bluff Mountain Outfitters.

Hiker's Ridge Ministries is opening for hikers during the through hiker rush.

The Hot Springs Post Office - you many want to ship there.

View into downtown as it may have looked a few years back.

The park near the spa.

The hotel building at the Spa and Resort.

Historical sign about the spa.

French Broad bridge - notice the white blazes. Single on this photo.

Series of white blazes showing going straight then to pay attention to turn right.

On the eastern side the trail crosses the guard rails.

This is one to study. For a northbound the right turn applies. The two straight refers to southbounders coming up the stairs they go straight until they see the back side of the post which shows a left turn. The fact that the straight is on the edge of the sign and the left turn is on the back means that when you can finally see the back you are to turn left and cross the bridge. This is worth studying these signs because you may see similar application in other places so just think about what you see.

This is actually across the street and down a little from the bridge and the AT crossing the guard rail. Petroglyphs are a part of my regular website from when I was stationed in the Mojave Desert.

Hiker coming up to the guard rail. He had done this section several times so he knew where the trail went without the signs.

Looking back toward Hot Springs.

The small dam about 5 miles north of Hot Springs on the AT.

Looking down over the Spa and Resort land.

This is Poison Ivy next to the trail near Allen Gap.